Today coaxial cables and connectors are available from a large number of manufacturers and distributors, often at widely disparate prices for the identical item. We hope that the following information will help you choose a microwave coaxial cable assembly with the best combination of components and price for your purpose.

Please be aware, however, that we cannot cover all possible situations and specifications. We keep abreast of changes in technology and price, and utilize a wide variety of suppliers to provide you with the best components to meet your requirement. Our engineering staff will be more than happy to analyze your design specification to offer effective solutions. Quality comes first and will not be sacrificed in any instance. Please feel free to contact SSI or our local sales representatives for additional assistance

Specific requirements must be carefully considered for the proper selection of cable assemblies, including, but not limited to the frequency range, VSWR, insertion loss, mechanical requirements, and any environmental or application restrictions. Cost considerations should also be kept in mind at all times when designing and selecting a cable assembly. Over design may cause the cost to be unnecessarily high while low cost may be an indication of poor reliability. A careful and precise evaluation of performance and cost trade-offs will result in the optimal choice.

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