SSi Equipment

State-of-the-art semi-automatic equipment

SSI utilizes a full range of up-to-date equipment to ensure that all assemblies are made to strict quality standards and customer specifications, including devices for cutting, stripping, bending, and soldering and welding.

  • Cutting: Proprietary equipment, Prazi lathes, and Schleuniger semi-automatic cutting machines are used to cut and finish cable to precise lengths.
  • Laser Stripping: Multiple laser strippers are utilized to precisely cut dielectric and /or jacketing as required for proper assembly techniques.
  • Mechanical Stripping: Various Schleuniger and other equipment are used to accurately prepare flexible and semi-rigid cable.
  • Soldering:Soldering equipment is kept up-to-date and in good condition to insure proper soldering techniques.
  • Bending: SSI has developed proprietary computerized, semi-automatic, bending equipment to precisely bend semi-rigid cable, in conjunction with CAD programs.
  • Welding: SSI has developed specialized TIG welding equipment for welding stainless steel connectors and cable, ensuring strong and sealed connections.
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What Our Clients Say

SSI Cable Corp.

Today there are numerous coaxial cable and connectors to choose from. SSI will help you pick what is the best fit for your design. SSI can provide:

  • Semi-rigid cable assemblies
    copper, aluminum & stainless steel
  • Flexible cable assemblies
  • Delay lines
  • Phase matched assemblies
  • Cryogenic assemblies
  • Wire harnesses
  • Wire preps